Monday, March 19, 2012

What a Good Weekend!

Well, this weekend was a Beaut!!!!!!

So Saturday, we got a new Coon Hound, Rowdy!
love at first sight!
 We played outside and enjoyed the gorgegous weather!
Maddie and her shades!

On Saturday night, us and another couple hit the town in Nashvegas (Nashville) and had a great time, stopped and ate at Hooters on the way down, can't go wrong with their Chicken wings!! Hung out on 2nd Ave and Broadway. Had a good breakfast at the ever so faithful, Waffle House!!

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday, outside ALL day!!!! Moved dog pens, kids rode bikes, big wheels, played a little basketball and baseball. Cooked some chicken and shoulder on the grill!!

Sunday was also my big sister's birthday!! Happy Birthday Sister!!! She is thoroughly impressed that I gave her , her birthday present on the day of and not 2 weeks late like usual!!!
The sister and Maddie

While visiting at my moms, the chitlins and the niece warmed up their egg hunting skills, they had 3 "practice" hunts to make sure they can be the prize winner come the "BIG" hunt!!! haha

preview of the BIG EGG hunt!!

This was at last year's egg hunt

Last year's hunt

What a great weekend indeed!!

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Ashlee :) said...

Can't wait to have my first team meeting w/ Carter & the hounds!! LOL. Maddie, you are lookin' all Hollywood!!! :)