Friday, December 7, 2012

A Random Mess

This post will be exactly what it is titled.... a Random Mess!!! We are allowed to have randomness on occasion, just seems to me I have one every week!!!!

My running Buddies! Jessica, me, Rebecca and Kandis.  This was our last 5k of 2012. It was called the Polar 5k, however you can tell by the way we were dressed it was by far polarish.  I finished in 27:01.  It wasn't my best, and I was pissed that I couldn't get in 2 seconds!! But I got first in my age group so not all bad I guess.  I haven't been running like I should. By next spring I plan to do a 25 minute 5K.

This is at my Mom's and was back in October, but I thought it was a cute picture! The kids are helping Nana make cupcakes. I find it very ironic that Nana never let us make cupcakes and mess in icing when we were little!!!! The jury is still out on that one!

Finally got my trees up!!! Hopefully I will get around to taking some pictures of my Christmas decor this weekend and will be able to post it next week!

I just love this picture of the kids with Santa!!! Maddie's face is just priceless, like she can hardly contain her excitement!

My little coon hunter!!! He loves going hunting with his daddy and his hound, Rowdy!

I just love footed pajamas!!!!!!!

And last but certainly not least, Jessica sent me this picture last week and it couldn't be anymore true!!! Love ya chick!!!


 ****Disclaimer.....I have no idea why my blog is so jacked up with the photos and text going in every different direction!!! Blogger must be having their monthly cycle!!**



Savannah said...

Congrats on your last race in 2012! Your 5K times always inspire me!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Your kids are so cute! And your tree is gorgeous!

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