Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Friends and Good Food

My Momma always has a ladies luncheon every year at Christmas.  She loves to entertain and decorate.  Her house is always decorated to the nines at Christmas, a tree in almost every room that is themed.  She has a Snowman tree, Candy tree, Santa tree, the old silver tree, coke tree, kid tree. Shew I am tired just naming them!!!

Anyway, she always puts a huge spread out! From hashbrown casserole, ham rolls, deviled eggs, to red velvet cake!!! Ashlee, Erica, Belinda, Jessica and I totally bombed the lunch on our lunch hour!!!! We went and pigged out!!! I think Belinda asked if my house was decorated like Mom's uhhhh NO!!! I am not that decorative nor do I care to fool with all of it!!!!  And for the record she didn't decorate like this until Susan and I moved out!!!! Here's a few pictures courtesy of ashleenikol!! You can also read a rundown of the luncheon from Ashlee as well!!

My first plate, you don't see any Red Velvet Cake do you??

This is Ashlee's plate
The spread
Having fun!

The Snowman Tree Topper

Snowman Tree
The Santa Tree

Her stair case and part of the Dining Room

Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with care!

Maybe someday I will decorate like my Mom, when the kids are gone off with families of their own!!!

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Courtney said...

Oh WOW your mom's trees are amazing! And that food! I could eat deviled eggs by the truck load, and coke, what a treat;) YUM!