Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our First Christmas Gathering

This past weekend we had our first family gathering.  On my Mom's side we have always got together with one set of cousins for years, well as long as I can remember.  These cousins were like big brothers to me and my sister growing up.  I used to stay the night at their house and they would come to ours to stay over night as kids.  Now we are grown and have kids of our own.  My cousin's wife, my sister and I were all pregnant at the same time, due a week apart.  I had always teased them saying that I was going to have the first baby, and low and behold I did.  I really didn't aim to jinx myself on that one.  You can read about that here and here.  So anyway, I had Carter in May and my cousin's wife had their son in July and 2 days later my sister had my niece.  So Carter is about 9 weeks older than them. 

Carter and his cousin could do some real damage.  I really believe that they could tear down a brick wall, at least that is the conclusion that us mom's have come up with.  But they are some sweet boys at least when they want to be!!!!

My cousin's oldest son wasn't able to come and we missed him this year. First year without him on Christmas.  My kids love their big cousin "C".  One year for Christmas Carter wished for a big brother like C. 

Here is some memories of this year's Christmas a few of last years just to see how much they have changed!

Being stubborn not smiling!!!

Finally got some sweet smiles!

The 3 amigos!!!!                                    Making funny faces

Last Year at Christmas, the big cousin that wasn't able to attend
this year, Carter and Maddie love him!

My big cousin!! The 3 boy's Daddy, this was last Christmas

Christmas can tell they love their big cousin, Maddie beside him and Carter in his lap!

Carter and his cousin trying to do handstands!!! We all figured that this would result in a trip to the emergency room, luckily it didn't!!!!
 I can't wait to make more Christmas memories in a few weeks!!! Oh how I know my kids are going to be sure to check back to see if Carter and Maddie have been naughty or nice!!!! ;)


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