Friday, December 21, 2012

The Break-Down

This is the picture I get from Chris and he says not sure what the problem is, but no fear I am fixing it!!!!

 I was decorating for Maddie's birthday party and I freak out!!! I showed the picture to Jessica and she died laughing, because she knows how Chris's fixing things are!!! I text him back and told him to get it put back together and out of the middle of the kitchen because in 24 hours I had 12 girls coming over for our Girls Dirty Santa!!!

When I got home the dryer was on the trailor in the drive way in 4 pieces and in the Utility Room where it once sat there was 6 years of dryer dust, 4 odd socks and dirt!!! 

After I had semi-cleaned the dust!
The one good thing about this was getting to clean out from behind the dryer and finding the odd socks!!! Once a year you need to pull out your dryer and clean behind it, it was NASTEY!!!!!!

My lovely new dryer, we are in love.  I asked the delivery guys if there was a limit of use in the first day, since I had went 4 days without one, I had 6 loads of laundry waitng on me!!!!  Luckily it didn't shut down and it is still rocking!!!


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