Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2007

My alarm was set for 4:00.  I got up to shower, wash my hair, shave my legs and prepare for the second best day of my life.  The day Maddie Dale was to be born!  After getting ready, Chris and I drove the 20 minute ride to the hospital.  I remember saying we were about to be Harbison party of 4!! I could not wait to see what my little baby girl was going to look like.  I was hoping she would have my dark eyes, dark hair.  I could already smell her. I was so anxious.  Her actual birthday was so much smoother and calmer than Carter's.  I remember trying to take in every single detail.

We were to be at the hospital at 6:00.  My C-section was scheduled for 7:30.  It was around 7:00 and I was already hooked up to an IV, went over all the paperwork and signed everything, just waiting to finally meet my princess.  My family had arrived and was waiting for us in the waiting room to see their new granddaughter, niece and cousin!

The Doctor came in and said it is time, so I was taken into the OR and was put on the operating table. I remember sitting on the side of the bed waiting for my spinal.  After it was done, the nurse said "okay honey just swing your legs around and will go and get Chris for him to come in." I just sat there and she said "anything wrong?" I was like yeah if I could feel my legs maybe I could just swing them around.  She laughed and said well let me help you.  I thought yes that would be very kind of you!!!

Chris came in, had the camera, he was as nervous as a cat!! He was shaking. By this point I had some I don't care drugs and was really feeling good!!! 

And at 7:45 Maddie Dale was born!!!!! She was the prettiest thing I had ever seen!!!! After they showed her to me, she was taken over to the little table to be suctioned, and cleaned up , checked all her vitals.  The nurse finally brought her back over for us to see and I leaned over and kissed her forehead and Chris about died!!! He said she has all that junk on her!!! LOL

7lbs 1oz 20 inches
I had to go to recovery for about 2 hours and then I was released into my room, when they brought her in the room.  It was love at first sight!!!!
She completed our little family 4 and could not imagine a day without either one of my kids!!!!!

Me holding her for the first time and really remembering it. Chris bringing her out for all the family to see!

Dr. Warren holding her up for all to see and giving a clean bill of health!
My Daddy, aka Grandaddy holding his grand baby, Maddie Dale and Gary Dale!
My Granny, Maddie's GREAT Grandmother, and that great is in more ways than one!
Me and my baby girl!
Carter holding his baby sister for the first time!
Maddie at her first Christmas! We asked Carter what he was going to do
with that string and he said tie her up!!!

My parents and all their grand babies!

My Granny and Me, I think Maddie and I favor a lot! Minus her blue eyes and my black ones!!!
And look how pretty my Granny is!

Through the years of Maddie!

Baby Girl you have completed our Family!!!



Ashlee :) said...

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!! Can't believe you are FIVE!!!

Courtney said...

Happy Birthday to Maddie! PRecious!