Monday, December 17, 2012

My Heart Breaks!

I have watched the news media all weekend just as most of the country has about these poor innocent babies in CT.  On Friday when I heard about it, I was sick to my stomach and the most famous question of all WHY??  These innocent full of life babies, going about their day anxiously awaiting for Christmas, is now being missed by their loved ones.  Last night I was on the Internet and on Yahoo news it showed a few pictures of the little ones that was killed and tears started streaming down my face.  The first picture I saw was a little blonde headed girl, who loved dancing and singing.  Which made me think of my Maddie.  I got off the Internet and went and hugged and kissed her.  I couldn't read anymore about the poor victims.  As a parent I just can't imagine what these Mommys and Daddys are going through and I pray to God that I don't ever have too.

On a blog that I read daily, had a beautiful poem that someone had written, please click this link and read it....Treasuring These Things


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