Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend has been a good one, busy, but good!!!  On Friday night we laid low, not much going on.  Everyone was just starting to get over the flu so we didn't want to mess with the healing process!  And on Saturday was our little town's Christmas parade!  Jessica and I decided we would ride one of our Rangers in it and let the kids ride.  We rode her and JT's Ranger.  She had it decorated so cute and festive.  It rained all morning and just in time for the parade to start it quit raining!!! Woo Hoo!  The kids loved it and Maddie and Zaylee was waving and saying Merry Christmas to everyone!  Maddie would see one of her classmates and she would get so excited!
All of us before the parade
Close up of the decor

Carter and Kruz awaiting the start
Saturday night was Chris's work Christmas party at BrickYard Cafe in Bowling Green.  It was so good. I really wanted to make a picture of my food, but figured they wouldn't understand when I said it was for my blog!! LOL But just trust me it was good, I had Cannelloni Chicken.  The restaurant is an Italian place.  Chris had New York Strip, which he said was very tasty.  The kids stayed all night with Chris' s Aunt and Uncle and they took them to a Fun Center.  This place has bowling, inflatables, black light mini golf, skating rink.  Maddie had never been before and she loved it.  On Sunday that is all she talked about!!!!

We had one of Christmas dinners yesterday, more to come on that one.....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!! 14 days till Christmas Eve!

Jingle's weekend adventures!!
Just hanging out!
Writing on Maddie's mirror!


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Courtney said...

You have the best elf ideas, totally stealing that one, yay! My husband hates when I photograph food!!! HOpe y'all have recovered from the yucky flu:)