Thursday, January 17, 2013

All on 22

This weather is so depressing!!! It is cold, rainy, some sleet and freezing rain.  I wish it would either come a good ole 7 inch snow or just warm up!!! I am glad that we have seasons, versus either warm all the time or cold all the time.  Mainly for the clothing change!!!  I love tall boots and almost everyday I have on some type of boot.  I am not sure what I will wear when it does get warm!!!

So with that being said if it isn't going to get warm here let's go somewhere it is warm!!! Where else, none other than my favorite city that I visited thus far....Las Vegas!!! However it has been very unseasonably cold there!!!

I want to stay here the next time I visit!! Caesar's Palace!

We have stayed at New York New York and the Mirage.  Nothing at all wrong with either one of them, and would highly recommend both, just want to experience something different.

I want to go back to Freemont St!

I want to eat here again. Gallagher's Steakhouse located in NYNY!!!

The Forum Shops in Caesar's!!

Visit the Grand Canyon this time.

Do some of this: Bet is on 22!!! My favorite # Double Deuce

and a LOT of this: Caesar's pools!

That is my wishes for the moment...what is yours????


Ashlee :) said...

Sounds dreamy... can i go with?

Linny said...

All my friends and family are in Tn talking about the miserable weather while I'm in Australia enjoying summer. The Vegas pics look so fun, its always nice to dream a getaway during the cold months!

Courtney said...

Woo look at those pools!! I'm so ready for warmer weather!!