Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Some Randomness

It has been a crazy week. First off,  I traded cars, my previous car, Buick Enclave was a lemon.  The transmission has went out, the motor had an oil leak, had steering issues where it would vibrate and then it had to be hauled away on a rowback due to the powertrain control relay, yeah whatever that is!!!! Mine was an 2008, which was the first year they were made so they say it had lots of troubles. I don't know I am just glad it is gone.  I traded on Monday and got an GMC Acadia! And so far I love it!  The kids really love it since it has a DVD player!  My favorite thing about it is the color, it is the White Diamond tricoat (pearl). Loving how my cat photobombed the picture!!

Really wanting this cutie for the front of my car!!!! ;)

The weather has been nastey!! It rained for 4 days in a row and some flooding occurred.  We were worried about our basement flooding due to it did 3 years when everything flooded on that first Saturday in May.  And very cold, not good running weather at all!!!  Therefore the treadmill has been in use, which I hate!

Picked up my Ipod and found these pictures on it, apparently Maddie wasn't in a picture taking mood!!! LOL

Lastily our school was dismissed earlier in the week due to a bomb threat, district wide. Also earlier in the week our high school was evacuated with a threat.  As a Mom this is the worse fear you can have.  I was never so glad to have my kids in my arms. 
The persons have now been taken into custody and I really hope that they are made an example of so this will not happen anymore !!!


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Courtney said...

Oh my goodness Kelly, how scary!! That makes my heart just sink. I'm so glad everything's okay. Love your new ride!