Friday, January 25, 2013

It's Friday Folks!

Thank Goodness it is Friday!!!!! I am excited about this weekend. Chris, Carter and I are heading to Louisville to the Monster Truck Show!!! GraveDigger is going to be there. Carter is so excited!! Sure to have pictures next week!!!
Now some of my highlights of the week!


Jessica and I were guest dee jays for our local radio station.  We are on the
Board of Directors for our local Chamber of Commerce and this was
a day for recruiting new and past members to join the Chamber.  It was a fun
hour to be on the radio, we got to play "our music and talk our talk".  Needless
to say we don't need to quit our day jobs!!!

Beautiful sunrise behind my house!! One of God's pieces of art!

These little beauts were at the Chamber office on the Dee jay day. 
I may have ate 3 or maybe 6!!!!

On Sunday Chris, Carter, my Dad and I went target shooting.  Carter has a good
aim on him!! Me on the other hand, not so much. Lets just say that the raccoons and
squirrels don't need to live in fear because of me!

Finally got me a full length mirror!!!

Really liked this outfit that I put together.
Mustard Skinnies - Old Navy
Black top - Victoria Secret (old)
Scarf - TJ Maxx
Black Boots - Shoe Carnival
Have a great Weekend Folks!!!

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Savannah said...

Happy Friday! Snow day here. :) Love that sunrise - so pretty! Enjoy your trip to Louisville!