Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Birthday Weekend!!!

My birthday was a great day. It all started with a text from Chris since he was already gone to work when I got up.  Carter asked if it was my birthday and I said yes, he just sit there.  I asked if he had anything to say and he said no I don't think so!!  Maddie got up and sung to me.  Then I received a text from two more friends, Jessica and Teresa!!

Got to work and got some more birthday wishes!! Then Ashlee and I exchanged wishes, yeah we work in the same office and share the exact birthday!!!

For lunch I celebrated by eating Mexican!! My mom, Ashlee, Erica, Kari, and Jessica ate together.  Jessica got me a cake and some lotion!!

Once I got home I was greeted by Maddie who had helped Nana bake me some cupcakes.  The kids had made me a card and my parents got me a card with the best fitting present $$$$, and a scarf.

Saturday night Chris, the kids and I had plans to go out to eat and then go bowling.  On Saturday afternoon Maddie was getting cranky so we decided to take a short nap. Well that short nap lasted for 2 1/2 hours!!! We didn't have time for all 4 of us to get showered and ready to go eat and then to go bowling.  So we ended up going to K-Mart and picking up a few things and then to Sonic!!!! Came home Chris and Carter watched Lawless and Maddie and I watched Miss America!!  She dressed up and was pretending to be each state, while she strutted in her fancy dress!!!
Sunday afternoon the kids wanted to go to their Nana's to play with their cousin, so they went and Chris and I went to Bowling Green to eat at Raffertys with a co-worker of his who also has a birthday this month!  We went by Shoe Carnival and I scored some super cute boots on sale!!


**sorry for the pictures all over the place and the messed up writing, but this is how it came up from my IPod!!!!**



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Courtney said...

Cute boots lady, so glad your birthday was great;)!