Thursday, January 10, 2013

Writing Slump

I have been in a writing slump as of late.  Not sure what to write about and not sure what you want to read about.  I hate to bore my readers, so leave me a comment about you would like to read or know!!!

I am sure I will have something to write about after this weekend, because it is a very special someone's birthday........can you guess who......... you got it...ME!!!!

Here is a quick picture of the kiddos this  morning before heading off to school.  For some reason Carter wanted to wear his UK blue today.  Normally he is UL Cardinals all the way.  Living in the Bluegrass state there is no in between, you are either CATS or CARDS.  My family is split. Chris' dad and my dad are Go Big Blue all the way and Chris is Go Big Red.  Carter feels torn wanting to please his Daddy and his grandpas.  So I guess today he was in pleasing the Pa's kinda mood!!!!  Maddie she just goes with the flow!! Today she has PE at school so she said she needed her "running fast pants"!!!

okay so blogger is being really stupid and I can't get my picture to post, hopefully by tomorrow I will get it up!!!!


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