Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Dispise Going There

On Monday I was off work and the kids were out of school due to MLK day.  Carter had spent the night with his Poppa so he could go to the stock pen (cattle market).  He loves going there and looking at all the cattle and livestock.  The old men at the market love him as well.  They think it is great for a little boy like him to love farming!  Him, his Poppa and another man have "their" seats in the sale ring.  No one else sits in them!!

So it was just Maddie and I on Monday.  I got to sleep in till about 8:00, which felt so good!! I watched the inauguration off and on all morning while doing some house work. I saw the daughter yawning on national television!! I thought to myself, the media will have a field day with that one!!!  Got ALL of my laundry caught up, which felt/feels great!! And vacuumed all floors and mopped the tile! So I felt really accomplished!
We had to run to Glasgow, which is our closest big town, (closest Wal-Mart) only 20 minutes away.  We had to pick up a print I was getting framed, ate lunch at Maddie's favorite, Taco Bell, I am quite fond of it as well, went into Burkes' Outlet, got me some new exercise pants. Then to Wal-Mart. I had a list and only 7 things were on it..... Yeah right who sticks to their list at Wal-Mart!!! Why I hate going there!! I had rather shop at our little Dollar General Market where they have most of the necessities!

What I went for

What I came home with!!

When we got home, Maddie was playing in her room, and walked in and she said Mom, don't you want to take my picture!!! Soooo modest!!!! God Love her!!! 

 And my delicious salad that I fixed for supper!!! Man it was good!! All I lacked was some cauliflower!



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Courtney said...

Wal Mart is like Target, a black hole! I always get 3 times what I need! Yummy salad!